Changing an event on Google Calendar? Add a note about it

google calendar note event

A new and useful feature to Google Calendar where users can add notes when they make changes. This means that if you either add a new event or change an existing one, a new dialog box pops up. Here, you can attach a short message or a note to that particular event. Users can explain why a particular change was made or why the new event was created. The dialog box gives an explanation about why a certain change is being made or what’s changing in particular.

How it works

It was seen that more than half of the Calendar events are edited and changed before the actual schedule. But people hardly knew why the event was changed. With the new dialog box, a clear picture is given to everyone attending the event about why a certain change was made.

Now, with the new software update, the dialog box will appear automatically, so that people will no longer be pondering why the change was made. Additionally, the extra note will even appear in the email that alerts the change. While this will certainly help people, one wonders why Google didn’t make this change earlier? The update will roll out globally in the next three days.