Gmail is redesigned to alter the way you use inbox

gmail gets revamped

Google has been very innovative in its approach every time, whether it is the products they release or the company culture they have created; the company always thinks out of the box.

Google has now refurbished Gmail with additional 12 options when right clicked, to enhance functionality. This software development is made to help users do everything within their inbox like say, for example, users can search and reply to the same mail with just one click.

In a blog post Google quoted, “With these new options, you can take even more actions, directly from a message, in your inbox such as: Reply to, or forward, an email in one click from the main page, search for all emails from a sender [and] search for all emails with the same subject.”

Earlier, there were just four options for the users: Move to tab, archive, mark as read, delete. Today’s right-click options are: Reply, reply all, forward, archive, delete, mark as unread, snooze, move to, label as, mute, find emails from the same sender, and open in new window.

For mobile users right-click options are available when they press the touch screen for a long time. This upgrade is very beneficial to G Suite users.