All G Suite users will get Gmail’s confidential mode next month

gmail confidential mode for gsuite

All G Suite users will now have access to the confidential mode from June 25th. This means that those who use Gmail for work purposes will now be able to send their mails in confidentiality with the new tool updated into the Gmail software. Well, personal Gmail users have been able to access this feature since the revamp in 2018 and G Suite users get it now!

So what exactly is the confidential mode? It’s a powerful tool that’s inbuilt into the app. Say suppose, the mail or messages you send have sensitive information, the confidential mode is especially useful at that time. The new mode allows the sender to set an expiration date for the message, so once that day arrives; access to that mail is no longer permitted.

Another feature of the confidential mode is that the people who receive the mail under this mode can’t forward the message to others. They can neither copy it nor download it. Plus, the sender can cut off the access to the mail at any given time. For further enhanced security, the email sent in confidential mode unlocks only after the recipient puts in the SMS verification code from their phone number.