Finally, email scheduling comes to Gmail for its 15th birthday

gmail anniversary email scheduling launch

So, it’s Gmail’s birthday today and Google is celebrating it with some minor, but much-needed updates. Gmail is introducing the option to schedule emails and is also improving the Smart Compose capability. As a straightforward update to the popular mailing service, Gmail’s new ability to schedule messages was much needed.

The next time you compose an email on Gmail, you’ll find an arrow next to the send button. This will pop open the scheduler. You have options like ‘tomorrow morning’ or set to a particular time and date that you wish to send. The option to schedule your emails was available through other third-party extensions on Gmail. But having it in within the app is definitely handy, especially when you’re mailing across time-zones or when you need to send a reminder for a particular date.

Compose smartly

When Google announced the software update for the Smart Compose, it seemed pretty vague. Smart Compose was, in fact, launched last year itself. Now, the updated version “can now adapt to the way you write” that indicates to match to the personal taste of composing a mail.

For instance, it notes and remembers the way you greet certain people on your mail. “Hey Guys” for instance. Gmail claims that Smart Compose has saved people from typing “over 1 billion characters each week.” Phew! That’s quite a big number. No wonder Gmail has been so popular for more than a decade. Happy birthday Gmail, thank you for these minor updates!