The Newton Mail comes back as Essential paves way

essential brings back newton mail

The Newton Mail is coming back, thanks to Essential. Newton had shut down last year as it simply couldn’t compete with the likes of Google and Microsoft. In December, Essential had acquired it and now, it’ll be re-launching the mailing app, available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

Moreover, Essential is going to maintain the same price tag: $49.99 a year, without any special discounts for owners of Essential phones. Once the mailing software hits the market again, it will definitely face stiff competition from mailing giants like Outlook and Gmail, mainly because they are free.

It is also surprising to find Essential revive Newton, as the company itself has been struggling with low phone sales and staff layoffs. Although Andy Rubin, the founder of Essential (and Android) was able to come out with the first distinct Essential phone, there haven’t been any further developments. No wonder it is surprising to find such a company trying to bring back a defunct emailing app in the hopes of returning profits.

But one should give it to Newton: it was a great emailing option. Who knows, the revival of the email may actually be a good competition to the well-established mailing apps already in the market today.