IAMAI wants e-commerce to start operating soon after coronavirus is out

ecommerce to get back to normalcy

IAMAI said that e-commerce will get back to normalcy after COVID-19; Flipkart, Amazon Seller Service, eBay etc. are the members of Mobile Association of India (MAI). MAI said that e-commerce can get deliveries done by producers and sellers of more than 75-100 million active customers on varied platforms.

IAMAI said, "E-commerce services are the only means to ensure social distancing while still maintaining economic operations in the country. For every one e-commerce delivery person, the country can help 350 people avoid a trip to a physical retail outlet daily. Therefore, a fully functional e-commerce delivery chain is the best means to ensure social distancing and ensuring a restricted congregation of the population."

E-commerce platforms are only open for essential items.  Due to the restrictions enforced during lockdown and increase in orders, e-commerce firms have delayed the delivery time at many places.

"The various platforms can also directly empower local 'kirana' (grocery) shops by facilitating the ordering and delivery of goods from them, thereby providing a critical lifeline to such entities presently struggling under the lockdown," the association said.

IAMAI quotes, “Full opening of B2C services, in both products and services categories via e-commerce platforms is the first and most important step to return to normal economic activity. Normal economic activity according to the association broadly comprises the opening of manufacturing and services on one end and their availability to consumers on the other.”