Chrome Horizon: Chrome Browser and Operating System gets Revamped

chromes horizon new features

The Chrome Horizon version, which is underway, is reportedly working on adding a few useful features to its Chrome browser and system software. The list includes smart text selection, data cap for cutting-down data usage, continued reading in web pages, customizing shortcuts and self-closing tabs in the browser.

Chrome for Android will soon choke off the background tabs after five minutes of inactivity. The experiment revealed that the 5-minute shutdown strategy reduced CPU usage and increased performance. However, legitimate use cases like the websites streaming picture-in-picture videos or music in the background will be exempted.

The popular Smart Text-Selection in Android is coming to Chrome OS. The feature pops up a menu with useful options for the user to perform on the text selected. For example, one of the options allows users to open Maps with directions to the address mapped out.

A flag in the Canary channel of Chrome can be set to alert the user if a webpage uses more than 1MB of data to load. This can be of great benefit to users with limited data plans; however, the user can still allow web pages to load completely if necessary.

Users can now customize the thumbnails section in the browser welcome-page by pinning websites of their choice. The frequently visited websites will now follow the reserved grid and will no longer overwrite. Finally, the Continued Reading feature saves the user’s place on the page, and upon reopening the page it takes the user back to where they left.