ByteDance to explore self-designed chips as China aims for semi-conductor self-sufficiency

bytedance to self design chips

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, is looking into designing its own chips as China is trying to become more self-sufficient in critical technologies.

Apart from being the parent company of TikTok, ByteDance has also waved the flag in the gaming field. ByteDance has not been able to find suppliers that can meet the company’s requirements, so it is exploring chips-design for its particular use. ByteDance is not manufacturing chips for sale but rather for self-use.

The company planned to produce semi-conductor designs for two significant reasons— firstly, the Chinese government’s push to become self-sufficient in critical technology, and secondly, increasing focus from companies to create chips for specific purposes. ByteDance has multiple job openings on the website for the role related to semi-conductor design.

China has been investing heavily into boosting the chip industry domestically, but it is still struggling to catch up with competitors in other parts of Asia and the US. Though it is struggling for self-sufficiency, semi-conductors still heavily rely on foreign technology. Cloud and e-commerce titan Alibaba and search giant Baidu have released their self-designed chips in the past few years.