Amazon might rollout a hand recognition payment system to Whole Foods

amazon launching hand recognition payment app

Amazon may build a new payment system through which customers can make payments by just waving their hand. Isn’t it interesting?

This facility, in the beginning, will only be limited to Prime users since their payment data is already recorded by Amazon.

The rollout is possible by this year in its Whole Foods stores and for that, the retail giant has started testing scanners that utilize biometric technology to recognize the size and shape of the users’ hand. The sensors are under testing process in Amazon’s New York offices.

Users’ need not physically touch the screen. By linking the biometric data to a person's credit or debit card, customers will be able to pass seamlessly through checkout payments, helping to cut supermarket queues.

After entering the stores, customers have to login their Amazon accounts on their mobile phones prior to the cameras automatically identifying what items you put in your bag. When you are out of the stores you will be charged automatically on your credit card.

Amazon has not decided specific locations to launch but it wants to make the system available in all the supermarkets in US locations.