Cashless Burgers is the new thing at Shake Shack

shake shack cashless burger

Shake Shack burger joint in New York is all set to go cashless. It is the first retail outlet for burgers which is set out for trials in a cash-free location at Astor Place. The only ordering option at Shake Shack will be via kiosks, at its NYC Astor Place location.

The kiosks will be custom-made that features touch-screen ordering and comes with built-in text message alerts when your order is ready. Shake Shack’s kiosks are based on the user experience they created for their mobile ordering app, which is available on iOS and Android.

Going Cashless

Going completely cashless is the next step indeed. However, seeing how well this will work out is something that many people are curious about. Shake Shack gets a fair amount of tourist visits, because of its reputation, so that it could be the most interesting component in terms of the practical viability of a totally cash-free location.

The company's CEO, Randy Garutti, said that the changes introduced in this particular location are meant to ‘eliminate friction time,’ and the option to order via smartphone and not accepting cash.

However, not everything is machine-made here. The burger joint will still have actual human staff! Shake Shack is calling them ‘Hospitality Champs’ who will be assisting people with the ordering process and answer any queries.