Get notified when your Wyze $20 AI Cam detects a person

wyze ai camera security

Wyze, the Seattle-based startup manufactures and distributes a wide range of smart home security cameras. The company also offers surge protector, SD cards, cam mounting kit, and other related accessories. It mainly serves customers in the United States.

Now, the startup has come up with an AI-based people detection feature for its $20 camera. This feature is powered by Xnor, a company that specializes in inducing artificial intelligence to devices with low computing power, such as Wyze products. 

Earlier, Wyze cam couldn’t differentiate between the person and a pet but now with AI person detection, it controls the types of push notifications we receive. It notifies when a person is detected on our mobile app, jumps quickly to filter videos with people in them. It will also reduce the number of notifications pushed to the users of the app without any false alerts.

This free update is also available for its Wyze Cam V2 and the Wyze Cam Pan smart home cameras as well. Wyze’s products are quite reliable, small, easy and come at affordable prices. They are available online on Amazon and Wyze’s website.

Wyze believes that great products shouldn't come with hefty price tags. It says, "We have a new update that provides free person detection for all existing v2 and Pan Wyze Cams. Wyze Cam owners can now enjoy the benefits of person detection in minutes by updating their camera's app and firmware."