Sony Aibo’s Patrol feature is for security and also entertainment

sony aibo patrol security feature

Sony’s robotic entertainment dog Aibo gets its first major software update. Most intriguing of the new additions is a new feature called “Aibo Patrol”, which Sony describes as “a new service built on the concept of ‘securitainment’ (security and entertainment), which provides peace of mind in addition to the everyday fun of living with Aibo.”

Aibo Patrol feature will let the robotic dog owners use the My Aibo app to create a “person-of-interest registry” containing the faces and names of up to 10 people. Then, when Aibo is issued with an appropriate command, the robotic dog “will play the “Puppy Patrol” melody, make its way to a selected room in your home, locate the person of interest, and then show off its adorable moves,” so says Sony.

Sony’s Aibo – originally released in 1999 – got a massive upgrade in 2018 and it included a new set of actuators for greatly improved natural movement that enables it to perform “hundreds” of different actions and gestures. It also received a new pair of OLED eyes that “sparkle with a clever twinkle” to give it multiple facial expressions, according to Sony. In addition to it, the company added AI to modify Aibo’s behavior over time and respond in different ways as it becomes familiar with its owner’s unique characteristics.

Apart from Patrol, Sony is also planning a few more features for Aibo, which according to the company will be bundled in a Premium Plan that is likely to come with a price tag attached. The plan will include more smart options for the Patrol feature, such as the ability to remotely send Aibo on a patrol around the house. Also maybe, by subscribing to the plan, Aibo can even store a large number of photos than what it can now – which is like about 500.