Shape Security announces new cloud-based security service

shape connect cloud security service

Shape Security has announced the availability of a new product Shape Connect which will help smaller companies protect against fraudulent activities online. The company has been working on the product for a few years now and is a comprehensive ML engine which can distinguish between humans and robots on the internet.

The Shape Connect with its ML capabilities is constantly in a state of learning as it processes over a billion transactions each day. The cloud-based service is capable of strongly segregating bots by placing itself between a website and the internet. Shape Connect can protect small companies against credential stuffing, DDoS, account takeovers, gift card cracking, and more. Moreover, Shape Connect’s dashboard displays all the automated malicious requests that come through and blocks it. A user can also whitelist a few trusted bots.

Shape Connect is the kind of complete security product which was only available to the bigger companies until now. With the availability of Shape Connect, smaller companies can now prevent attacks too. The customers who choose to avail Shape Connect can set up the engine within a few minutes. The company is further providing the product for free for the first 30 days.