Qihoo 360 accuses CIA of long-term espionage

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Chinese Cybersecurity Company Qihoo 360 accused the CIA of targeting the Chinese government and several other critical industries of the country for almost 11 years.

Recently the US had charged four Chinese military officers over the 2017 Equifax breach, where hackers stole sensitive data like names and addresses belonging to over 147 million Americans. Now the Chinese government is swinging back with its accusation.

Qihoo revealed that between 2008 and 2019, the US may have acquired China’s most classified business information; the company also said that the discovery was made using the sample code it had collected during the Wikileaks in 2017.

The CIA hacking tools that the company acquired through Wikileaks were leaked by a former CIA employee Joshua Adam Shulte, who is currently on trial for disclosing classified information. Qihoo also said that its analysis of the tools revealed that the tools were made on the east coast of the US, which is where the CIA is located.

According to the company, CIA hackers have intruded on China’s government agencies, aviation and petroleum industries, scientific research institutions, and internet companies. The security agency also speculated that the US intelligence can possibly steal “important figures” travel itinerary utilizing its focus on China’s aviation industry.

But on the other hand, China’s National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team recently revealed that state-backed hacking groups are inviting attention globally. According to the organization, the number of public research on these hacking groups has increased by about 360%.