Parrot’s spy aircraft is the new member for the US military

parrot spy aircraft us military

The trade war between the US and China has a new twist. DJI- a popular Chinese drone making company will no longer be part of the US military. Instead, a French drone making company- Parrot- will be making spy aircrafts for the military. The new deal struck by the military will include five other companies, excluding DJI.

The mounting pressure on Chinese firms by Trump administration has opened new windows for other American and European manufacturers, who have so long been overshadowed by DJI. In a statement, Parrot’s CEO Henri Seydoux said, “The United States has always been a major market for the Parrot Group whether it is for our well-known consumer range or our advanced professional offering.”

It’s clearly a major deal and a big win for Parrot. Sources say that Parrot is receiving millions of dollars of funds from the Department of Defense. Parrot will be working on the next-gen reconnaissance drones. These security drones can “fly for 30 minutes straight at a range of up to three kilometers, weigh three pounds or less, and take less than 2 minutes to assemble and fit inside a soldier’s standard-issue rucksack.”

Seydoux also said that Parrot “perfectly understands how small unmanned aircraft, such as the Parrot ANAFI platform, has the potential to become a key part of the defense system.” Seems like a win-win for all players.