Body Cameras burst into flames; NYPD affected

nypd body camera defect

Body cameras have been an important security upgrade for the officers of the New York City Police Department. The Department has an aim to test and ensure every officer has a camera-enabled outfit by next year. However, a technological snag occurred where a Vievu model LE5 camera manufactured by Axon, was worn by an officer in Staten Island began smoking and soon burst into flames.

The incident has prompted the Department to pull all the body cameras and investigate the product defect. Apparently, model LE5 camera unexpectedly began to smoke and fell to the ground, where the battery burst and caught fire.

Catching Fire

James P. O’Neill, the Police Commissioner has directed that the LE5 model cameras have to be suspended effective immediately. He also issued the continued use and distribution of the cameras also be stopped. As many as 2,990 cameras are reportedly affected. While the LE-5 camera seems to have a defect, the LE-4 cameras’ usage will be continued.

The camera manufacturing company Axon deeply regrets the accident and will be working closely with NYPD to investigate the issue. “The officer was not injured however, officer safety is of the utmost importance to Axon. We will do whatever is necessary to quickly and safely resolve this situation,” a company spokesperson said in a statement.