Tel Aviv-based NeuraLegion Raises $4.7M

neuralegion investment automate application security

NeuraLegion has announced that it has raised $4.7 million in seed investment. The Tel Aviv-based company’s application security platform enables developer and DevOps professional and application security specialists to swiftly and seamlessly secure web applications and APIs.

The seed investment round was led by DNX Ventures with the participation from Fusion Fund, J-Ventures, and Incubate Fund. The fresh funding will be used to scale NeuraLegion’s next generation solution that will enable the company to build on the modern platform and create a dynamic application security testing across discovery, detection, speed and 0-false positives.

Shoham Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO of NeuraLegion said: “We’re enabling developers, QA professionals & application security specialists to secure their applications and APIs early in the development process, eliminating hours of wasted time looking into detected false positives.”

The company also announced the roll out of a self-serve product for developers who can sign-up for it. The offering is a developer-first, community dedication to offer value to the customers.

The funding comes on the heels of the company entering the US market. In the last six quarters, NeuraLegion has experienced a growth of more than 100% quarter-on-quarter. NeuraLegion has offices in San Francisco, London, Mostar (Bosnia) and Tel Aviv.