Nest Guard security systems to get a Google Assistant makeover

nest guard gets google assistant

Google’s $400 Nest Secure home security system had a hidden potential that is finally put to use by the company via an update. The company plans to roll out an over-the-air update for your Nest Guard hub and keypad adding its Google Assistant voice functionality.

It’s being “pushed out to all Nest Secure systems both new and old” Nest said announcing the new functionality. Before the update, the Nest’s security alarm system required a separate smart speaker to control it with your voice.

But today, when Google announced that it could add voice commands directly to the existing Nest Guard gadgets with just a software update, it helped reveal that these Nest devices have had microphones installed in them, all along.“We included a microphone in the Nest Guard with features such as the Google Assistant in mind. It has not been used up to this point, and you can enable or disable it at any time using the Nest app,” Nest tweeted answering many surprised users.

Since people place their home security keypads near the front door, Google suggests, it’ll be a handy way to talk to Google Assistant as you enter and leave your home. While you can start saying things like “Hey Google, turn off the lights” or “Hey Google, arm the alarm” to the Nest Guard, you may not be able to turn off the security alarm with just your voice. To do that, you’ll still need to use either the Nest app, one of Nest’s key fobs or punch your PIN into the hub. Obviously, you don’t want an intruder disabling the home security system by shouting “Hey Google, disarm nest”.

Google is yet to officially confirm on the release date and other details about the hidden microphone hardware.