Microsoft and Facebook to help Canada maintain electoral integrity

microsoft facebook in canada elections

Microsoft and Facebook have signed a nonbinding declaration to maintain the electoral integrity in Canada. Both companies have promised to help raise the level of security to protect Canada’s election due in October.

The move comes in the wake of increased meddling in elections all over the world. Canada’s Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould said: “The Wild West Online era cannot continue – inaction is not an option. Disinformation must not stand.” Canada fears that Russian actors could try to influence the all-important elections that may see the conservatives come to power.

To curb the meddling, Microsoft and Facebook agree to intensify their efforts to combat disinformation and promote safeguards to address security incidents in the cyber landscape. They are also bound to soon release their rules for accepting political advertising.

Adding to her statement, Gould said: “I think they have an absolute interest to be good actors in the Canadian democratic space, and if that is not the case then we will be coming back with stronger regulatory reforms.” She also urged other platforms to take similar actions to help the North American country maintain its electoral integrity.