Microsoft 365 gets more privacy features

microsoft 365 new privacy features

It is well known that companies with advanced privacy practices are growing faster than their peers. Privacy and compliance are being taken seriously now more than ever before. As data compromises increase it is important to take necessary steps to protect self from these. To help organizations strengthen the data privacy practices Microsoft 365 has announced some new capabilities.

One of the major additions to Microsoft 365 are new controls which will automatically expire or revoke access to encrypted emails, data investigation capabilities, and new compliance features in Microsoft Teams. The new Advanced eDiscovery experience which was launched not very long back will now be generally available.

The popular subscription service is also adding data investigation capabilities to its features which will enable its customers in investigating security and privacy incidents such as data leakage or phishing attacks. Microsoft gave an instance of how the new feature can be used on its company blog: “For example, in the event of a data leak, you can create an investigation to search and identify impacted content or people, then delete the email messages that may contain confidential information to prevent end users from accessing the content.”

Microsoft 365 is also getting Advanced Message Encryption which helps the users encrypt and expire messages after 30 days. Using this feature an admin can automatically expire or revoke access to encrypted emails through a secure web portal.