Google rolled out a website to help users stay away from COVID-19 scam

googles website catches covid19 scams

Google launched a new website which focuses on COVID-19 associated security risks. The website aims to help users understand online scams related to COVID-19 like phishing emails posing as messages from charities and NGOs battling covid-19, directions from administrators to employees working from home, and even notices spoofing healthcare providers.

The website is available in two languages: Hindi and English which will soon be launched in other local languages. Before clicking on the links and email addresses, users will be warned to cross check if they are authentic. Fake links often imitate established websites by adding extra words or letters to them—users can check the URL’s validity by hovering over it (on desktop) or with a long press (on mobile), taking care not to click any suspicious links, according to the website.

Google’s advanced machine-learning classifiers have witnessed18 million daily malware and phishing attempts related to covid-19, in addition to more than 240 million Covid-related spam messages worldwide.

Google revealed of building advanced security protections inside Google products to recognize and eliminate threats before reaching users. Other social media platforms also have taken beefed up to combat fake news on COVID-19.