Chrome users will shortly get a new security feature

google adds security feature to chrome

Google in its recent announcement said that Chrome will shortly get a security feature to put an end to mobile subscription scams. Those of which include sites that ask for your phone number without even knowing who you are, sign you up for a mobile subscription that’s billed through your carrier. Recently, many fraud cases have been witnessed and that is when Google decided to launch a new security feature.

Google came up with best practices for mobile billing so that developers who are lawfully working on offering users a subscription don’t get caught up in this new system. All developers have to make their billing information detectable to the users by showing the cost. And the fee structure should be made simple.

If the required information is not shared, Google will send them a warning letter, but if users are interested in continuing the services then they can opt to continue. Before throwing up the warning page, Google will intimate webmasters in the Search Console when a potential scam is clear.

This new security feature is available both on mobile, desktop and Android’s WebView.