Tokyo Olympics 2020 to use Facial Recognition to beef up security

facial recognition at tokyo olympics

The organizing committee of Tokyo Olympics 2020 and Tokyo Paralympics 2020 have announced that they will be using facial recognition technology to amp up the security in the mega sporting events. Currently, the technology is under development. The Japanese IT giant NEC is in charge of developing the technology that will be utilized to beef up the security of these events.

NEC’s technology will be using AI called Neoface. The technology will connect the photographic data and the details on the card that will be carried by those authorized to access the sporting facilities during the Tokyo Olympics 2020. The athletes and the staff will not be able to enter the facilities by holding others cards.

The technology will be used to identify the athletes participating along with the officials, volunteers, media, and staff. The facial recognition technology will not be used to identify those in the stadium attending the event.

Tokyo Olympics will be held at different venues and facilities, unlike other Olympics where a single games village would organize the whole event. This will significantly increase the security risk and in such a scenario the new technology definitely will help provide security to the sporting enthusiasts at the venues.