, a biometric ID verification startup, is acquired by Facebook

facebook acquired confirm io is in news now and is gaining a lot of attention. The startup offered an API that would allow other companies to verify the authenticity of anyone’s government-issued identification card, like driver’s license and others. Now, Facebook is acquiring this company.

As part of the deal, will be shutting down its team and technology as it becomes part of Facebook’s family. In Facebook, will be helping users who are locked out of their accounts.

“When we launched Confirm, our mission was to become the market’s trusted identity origination platform for which other multifactor verification services can build upon,” the startup posted. “Now, we’re ready to take the next step on our journey with Facebook.”

There are many cases when users are locked out of their accounts after being hacked or losing their password. Facebook could potentially use the technology to have people confirm their identities. Last year, Facebook put a feature of letting users unlock their accounts with a selfie in beta.

Much before that, Facebook was allowing users to mail a copy of their photo ID or other identity verification materials in order to regain access to their account. With in Facebook now, the company could be doing much more in user authenticity.