Google’s upcoming Chrome 70 to block websites with old certifications

chrome 70 blocks old websites

Chrome 70 is expected to drop soon and the browser will be blocking sites with old Symantec certificates. The company had said that with the new browser update Chrome will be blocking sites with old HTTPS certificate from the provider.

When an HTTPS certificate is issued to a website it means that the website has secured the highest levels of security for itself. HTTPS certificates secure data that is being beamed to and fro between devices and web servers by using encryption, so, the people with malicious intent cannot intercept the data.

Google gave websites well over a year to prepare for this change. But many of the best sites in the world have failed to update their certifications till now. Since Chrome is used by a substantial share of those browsing the internet; it could mean that there will be a significant drop in traffic for these websites not adhering to Google’s new approach.

Symantec over the years has been accused of issuing wrong certificates and this has miffed many browsers. Chrome though has taken a hard stand on this. Looks like websites with old certifications will have to scramble for new certifications or risk becoming obscure.