Android devices function as physical security key for iOS devices

android security key for ios

Google is emphasizing on security by extending an Android phone’s ability as a physical key for two-factor authentication. The extension here refers to iOS devices, which was previously restricted to other OS like Chrome OS, Windows 10, and macOS when Google initially launched it.

However, the process of the two-factor authentication is different on the iOS platform. When you would process the two-factor authentication for PCs, Chrome would communicate as the security key. Now for an iOS device, an Android phone is used as a link with Google’s Smart Lock app.

Next, when you log into your Google account on iOS, the security app pings the Android phone over Bluetooth. Once the user confirms their identity, the information is passed back to the iOS device. You can then login to proceed. Google has confirmed that the new feature is available for all Google accounts from today.

Until now, there were certain limitations for iOS devices to avail the security support. Now, the option to use an Android device makes the feature more accessible. Google cites an example of a person with an Android phone and an iPad for the security update. Of course, you can do it for your iPhone also- supposing you have an Android one too!