Amazon delivery guys are part of facial recognition security

amazon delivery driver take selfie

The delivery drivers coming from Amazon will need to take selfies as part of the facial recognition security measures the company is taking. Amazon will be verifying the driver’s authentication through their selfie in an attempt to reduce the number of frauds. Noted on the updated Amazon Flex app to drivers, the retail giant tells the drivers to take a selfie before continuing their work.

This step could help Amazon to enhance security and avoid multiple people using the same Flex account. It could pick out people who are unauthorized to deliver packages, but stall around people’s home. It’s also Amazon’s way of stopping drivers who steal packages. Although it’s a long shot at stopping thieves, Amazon is attempting the new AI way.

Selfie for Security

The selfie for security rule extends to Flex drivers. These drivers are paid roughly $18 to $25 an hour and use their own transport to deliver packages. The Flex drivers have flexible hours and in fact, work as independent contractors. Prior to bringing in the selfie rule, Amazon had asked them for biometric data to confirm identities. At the same time, Amazon has warned the drivers “not take a selfie while driving.”