Stream Security Footage from Amazon Cloud Cam on your Browser

amazon cloud cam security stream

Amazon’s Cloud Cam launched a new feature. This feature is especially useful in times when you can’t pull out your phone. Users of cloud cam can now view and stream security footage from their computers by logging into web portal.

This is especially handy if you’re at work and want to sneak a peek at your main door or simply want to check on your pet. The web interfaces aren’t new to the home security cameras. Hence, there are many who argue that this new feature was long overdue by Amazon.

Just Checking

However, the new feature comes with a couple of surprise updates. Firstly, there’s the addition of two-way audio through the Echo Show and Echo Spot. This means you can talk to a family member or anyone at home from whatever’s convenient.

Secondly, whichever model of Echo you have, you can both turn on the Cloud Cam through Alexa as well as receive detection alerts. Now if you’re living in a house with everything Amazon, this may certainly appeal to you. It sure seems that Amazon is pushing its sales for the Cloud Cam.