SAP is the best fit for Xinja’s banking plans

xinja uses sap cloud

The Sydney-based startup Xinja has found SAP to be the best fit to implement its banking plans. The Fin-Tech startup will be using the SAP cloud for their banking product. By implementing SAP cloud technology will make customer on-boarding faster and provide real-time risk and financial assessment.

Xinja’s founder and Chief Executive, Eric Wilson said: “Once the technical analysis was done, we could see that SAP for Banking is a top piece of kit and this is pretty much the first global implementation of this specific iteration of the SAP ­product.”

SAP’s banking solution will comprise SAP S/4 HANA finance, SAP Transactional Banking, SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Application Management Services will be available for use of the Australian startup. Xinja’s founder further said that it took many months of analysis to reach the decision. Xinja wants to get into mobile banking and become the first independent startup neobank; using SAP will only help it reach its goal.

Xinja must be stoked about the partnership with SAP. SAP’s world-class technology and experience with financial services will let Xinja design and launch quality products for its banking ambitions.