SAP feels Turkey is the crucial hub for its business

turkey is main hub for sap

SAP is a German-based European multinational software corporation which develops enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. SAP headquarters are in Germany, Walldorf and Baden-Württemberg.

Uğur Candan, SAP SE Turkey managing director feels that Turkey is the main hub for digital revolution.  

"Our customers tell us about problems at work and together we develop daily solutions regarding these problems," Candan said.

The firm’s recent product is “Data Hub” and the new lab in Istanbul is one among the three centers where this technology is developed. He added that SAP functions in 165 countries and has labs in 20 countries and over 1800 firms use SAP products solely in Turkey.

Candan said that SAP made investments in Turkic republics, Russia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe, and Turkish engineers carry out "mega" projects there.

It is the size of the firm that attracts more customers toward SAP. According to SAP it aids customers to give them ability to use live data to anticipate customer trends.

Candan mentioned that the company’s customers will explain the problems faced at work and together they will find solutions to address these problems.