SAP, Microsoft, and Adobe coming together for Open Data Initiative

three companies harmonize to unify data

At the Microsoft Ignite event this week a huge announcement was made by the CEO’s of SAP, Microsoft, and Adobe that declared that the companies will be collaborating to unify their data to get a better unified perspective over their customers. The project is being called the Open Data Initiative.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella speaking on this said that “You have these very sophisticated, rich application suites from SAP, from Adobe, from Microsoft. And the commitment you're hearing from the three of us is that we're going to unlock the data across all of these suites”. Further, he said there is no need of data silos in today and that all data can be used as a continuous renewable resource.

Nadella said that the initiative will be open for all and companies wanting to join in are welcome to.  The Open Data Initiative is going to run on Microsoft’s Azure and will enable data exchange between Adobe’s Experience Cloud, Adobe Experience platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SAP’s C4/HANA. Coca-cola, Walmart and Unilever have come out in support of the initiative taken by the tech giants. We wonder if giants like Amazon and Salesforce will be willing participants in this initiative.