SAP comes out with its latest S4/HANA update

s4 hana gets updated

SAP has announced the release of its latest 1808 update for its S4/HANA business suite. This update is bound to give customers agility and flexibility as the business conditions change rapidly. The latest update will add more muscle to its AI which will, in turn, help businesses focussed on manufacturing and professional services.

SAP has been upping its AI efforts since its 1805 update for the S4/HANA. That release had 12 AI backed scenarios that could take over manual tasks. This update will add 12 more processes. The 1808 update will be able to visually detect load capacity, resolve blockages or overloads, and provide valuable insights for the engineers to interpret key performance indicators and help in staffing analysis.

The 1808 update will also give manufacturing businesses the ability to synchronize capacity and materials planning and could reduce inventory demands by up to 45%, according to SAP. While the focus of the update is on helping the manufacturing businesses, professional services will also gain from the new update that includes cap in time, staffing analysis, expense billing and consultant timesheet entries. The new update will help in completing the business goals with the lowest inventory and resource costs.