SAP taps Cloud Foundry to announce multi cloud platform

sap taps cloud foundry to announce multi cloud platform

SAP has announced its new multi cloud platform which is built on the Cloud Foundry’s cloud applications platform. Cloud Foundry is an industry standard cloud application platform that abstracts away infrastructure so that the core focus is on the innovation without the hindrance of the underlying infrastructure.

SAP’s cloud platform uses Cloud Foundry to provide customer choice of underlying infrastructure and programming models to shape the next-generation open enterprise platform. The SAP cloud platform was built around Cloud Foundry, delivers brilliant multicloud business platform offering smart business services as well as a unified digital marketplace experience via SAP App Center.

“We are excited about what we have been able to accomplish at SAP with Cloud Foundry,” said Goerke. “It’s at the core of SAP Cloud Platform and the technical enabler of our multicloud platform as a service solution. As a cofounding member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, we are fully committed to further foster Cloud Foundry’s position as the de facto standard in enterprise platform as a service.”

The cloud platform by SAP is also the foundation of SAP’s tremendous innovation system, the SAP Leonardo. It brings together differentiating software capabilities in machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, analytics and blockchain together with SAP’s experience, deep process and industry knowledge, and advanced design thinking methodology.

SAP has announced that it will be a platinum sponsor of the Cloud Foundry Summit, the premier event for enterprise app developers. SAP is also working with Mitsubishi Electric who will share its experience with the SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things service at the summit this year.

“SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things has enabled us to onboard and manage our SPS Robot Nc Motion from Mitsubishi Electric in a fast and efficient way,” said Thomas Lantermann, senior solution consultant FA EMEA, Factory Automation, European Business Group, Mitsubishi Electric. “In particular, the immediate visualization of the sensor data without any coding, the secure communication from device to the cloud, and also the tight and smooth integration of relevant data into any back-end application via SAP Cloud Platform were impressive.”