SAP launches Cloud Trust Center

sap launches cloud trust center

SAP has announced the launch of Cloud Trust Center, a website that provides real time information about SAP’s ongoing cloud services and operations of its cloud solution while also delivering the company’s approach to security and privacy. The company is making the information public with the aim to promote transparency and high delivery standards.

“With the launch of SAP Cloud Trust Center, we are giving everyone – from customers to the public – exposure to key aspects of how we run our cloud environment to continue building their trust and confidence in our capabilities,” said Michael Kleinemeier, Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE at SAP Digital Business Services, SAP.

The website displays a number of SAP’s ongoing operations like real-time availability, planned maintenance schedules and four weeks of historical data. 3 services are tied to the website for the time being with SAP planning to add more in the coming year. While this data is generic and is for the public, customers can go to the SAP ONE Launch Pad to access their personalized data and view.

The website offers a multitude of things along with information on real time operations. The website also offers proof of SAP’s compliance with international standards like ISO and British standards all the while providing industry specific and regional certificates.

 It also contains easy to understand agreements that can help new customers subscribing to the SAP portfolio and also has a Q&A section that answers on trust related cloud topics like security, data protection and privacy, the compliance for Integrated Business Planning, and its cloud platform integration.

It has a transparent view of how SAP approaches cybersecurity, security and data center security and explains how SAP handles data privacy. The main aim of this website is to deliver transparency to not only its customers but also the general public as well.

“In our ongoing conversations with cloud customers, the number one thing we heard was transparency. They crave access to real-time information on system availability and performance,” added Michael Kleinemeier.