SAP conjoin Blockchain in Trucking Alliance

sap joined bita

SAP SE, German software giant joined "Blockchain in Trucking Alliance" (BiTA) which is an industry group developed to guide the development of blockchain-based data-security software in the transportation industry.

The company said SAP will also work with other BiTA members to educate North American freight and transportation management market. Supporters of blockchain technology appreciate it for being reliable, difficult-to-hack record of transactions and proof of ownership.

Membership in BiTA is SAP's latest effort to use its business heft to build market share in the logistics sector. It said in 2016 that it would invest $2.2 billion over five years to develop Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities for applications in supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing. The firm added a global track and trace offering in July to its "Leonardo" IoT platform designed to support shipment monitoring and reporting across supply chain networks.

SAP said it would work with its partners on blockchain initiatives in the company's programs including: asset intelligence network, distributed manufacturing and three-dimensional (3D) printing network, transportation management system (TMS), global track and trace, and advanced track and trace for pharmaceuticals.