SAP and Accenture collaborate to build Breakthrough Digital Solutions

sap and accenture collaborate to build breakthrough digital solutions

SAP and Accenture have announced expanded collaboration in an effort to create breakthrough digital solutions. The two tech giants will collaborate, co-develop and work together to innovate state of the art digital solutions based on SAP Leonardo digital innovation system with core focus on IoT and machine learning capabilities.

The partners are not working together for the first time and have had strategic relations for a long time now. With the new agreement they will focus on embedding digital technologies directly at the core of their client’s business to help them gain even more value for their investment. The companies will mainly focus on embedding additional machine learning, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

“Today, we’re at an incredible tipping point,” said Pierre Nanterme, chairman and CEO, Accenture. “We’re face to face with an era of tremendous business transformation where the fundamental rules of how we create value are being rewritten. What we’re announcing today is a bold step in defining the rules for the intelligent enterprise. Combining our broad industry expertise and leading digital capabilities with SAP, we will unlock new business value for clients in ways we’ve not seen before.”

Accenture has been a pioneer in intelligent analytics solution and both the companies are expanding their work on co-developing the solution that will be powered by SAP Leonardo. This will be designed in a manner that allows clients to tailor predictive models specific to their business situations.

This is the latest development on the partnership started 18 months ago that brought these companies together on a big scale. The companies first started on on SAP S/4HANA to simplify and fast-track clients’ digital journeys toward becoming intelligent enterprises.

“Every CEO in the world is focused on digital innovation,” said Bill McDermott, chief executive officer of SAP. “With SAP HANA® and SAP Leonardo, we are alone in delivering the power of in-memory computing together with a rich combination of modern digital technologies. We could not be more pleased to announce an expanded partnership with Accenture to create a new wave of industry-specific digital solutions for our customers.”

Accenture is planning to integrate more than 50 of its enterprise analytics solutions across a lot of fields ranging from finance to human resource management by combining a number of Accenture’s solutions with SAP’s vaunted services. Accenture also plans to apply its Industry X.0 approach and IoT expertise to help clients leverage SAP Leonardo to enable the digital reinvention of their industries.