Samsung’s SmartThings Cloud amalgamates all IoT devices

samsung smartthings cloud unites iot

Samsung is planning to unite all Internet of Things devices under one roof namely SmartThings Cloud and those devices include SmartThings, Samsung Connect, ARTIK, and Harman Ignite.

Samsung asserts that SmartThings Cloud will provide “a single, powerful cloud-based hub,” and that SmartThings Cloud will be a new open ecosystem, that will work with both Samsung devices and other third-party products.

Across all SmartThings-compatible products, SmartThings Cloud will help developers acquire one cloud API. This helps developers to build cheaper and quicker products and programs which can account for one platform in lieu of three for Samsung devices.

Samsung adds that SmartThings Cloud will provide “secure interoperability and services for business developing commercial and industrial IoT solutions.”

In addition, the firm also announced the new version of the Bixby Assistant which is Bixby2.0, the next version of the smart assistant ecosystem and includes a Bixby 2.0 SDK (software developer kit) along with Viv technologies inside.

The firm did not reveal anything more about SmartThings Cloud but it says that consumers can expect the roll out by early next year.