Samsung lacks data, delays Bixby

samsung lacks data delays bixby

Samsung has some trouble brewing with languages and deadlines. It was supposed to launch the full version of Bixby in the US by spring. The full version included mainly Bixby’s voice features. But reports say that it being delayed.

The reason isn’t just the language issue Bixby is facing where it is struggling to understand English. But, it is lacking enough data to develop the deep learning technology. Borne straight out of the US beta testing, Samsung says the responses have been quite unsatisfactory so far.

Bixby, like Siri and Google Assistant requires machine learning algorithms at an advanced level to deliver to the future set. And to make it fully efficient, it requires loads and loads of data to develop their own rule set. This enables it to solve complex problems like image recognition or acquiring a natural language. And since Samsung is based out from South Korea, it has abundant data in Korean but significantly lacks it in English.

In a statement issued to The Korean Herald, a spokesperson from Samsung said, “Developing Bixby in other languages is taking more time than we expected mainly because of the lack of accumulation of big data.”

Other sources add that there have been geographic and language barriers between Samsung Research America and the company’s headquarters in South Korea. Bixby’s English version is being developed in Samsung Research America. It looks like there is trouble brewing for Samsung if it doesn’t come up with a clear cut solution quickly.