Samsung launches Connect Tag to check on kids and pets

samsung connect tag for tracking

Samsung has launched a wearable monitor that will keep you posted on things you love and adore. Samsung Connect Tag is tiny device enabled with narrowband network technology (NB-IoT). The Internet-enabled device can track locations and lasts a week between charges.

The square tag itself is quite small and compact and is 1.19-cm thick and 4.21-cm wide.  Samsung says the device can be attached to a child’s backpack or a dog’s collar, or even to personal belongings like keys, or purse to track them. And when your kid or pet goes beyond the limit you set, the tag will send a notification to you with its geofence feature.

The narrowband networks are designed for devices that use a small amount of data and power. It provides the capability to securely connect to the Internet for location services. By using GPS, the device provides location information for both indoors and outdoors. It has Wi-Fi-based positioning and a cell ID for location tracking. The device also comes with an accelerometer and a 3-colored LED.

Looking into the specifics, the device is similar to Bluetooth trackers like Tile, although it completely depends on a linked phone to the tracker’s network to get the location info. The tag will be showcased at Samsung's developer conference in San Francisco later this week.