Major discounts on Windows 10 VR headsets on Amazon

windows vrheadset discount on amazon

Way back in October of last year, Microsoft introduced its Windows Mixed Reality Platform. The headsets were manufactured by Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and Samsung. This week, Amazon is giving away these headsets with a massive discount.

Nearly 50 percent discount is being offered by the retail giant on these mixed reality VR headsets. The Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset with Controllers is now on an offer for $218.99, which is at a 45 percent discount. The Acer headsets are usually priced at ($399).

Next comes the Lenovo Explorer with Controllers at $245.99 with a discount of 39 percent. These headsets too, are usually priced at $399. The Dell Visor with Controllers has a discount of 52 percent reducing the price from $499 to $219.95. The HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset with Controllers also has a similar discount of 47 percent and has a price drop of $239 from $499.

Nope, there’s no Samsung

The Samsung headsets are considered to be one of the best Windows Mixed Reality devices available right now. And Amazon isn’t giving away these goodies at any discounted price, and, in fact, is sold out at the moment on Amazon! Nevertheless, this is one of the best time to pick out a VR headset at the time of massive discounts.