Walmart and Google Assistant partner to rival Amazon and Alexa

walmart partners google assistant

The rivalry between the two retail giants- Walmart and Amazon- has been viral over the past years. Both of them keep coming up with new ways to take on the competitor. Today, it’s Walmart who’s heading for some tough competition. The latest news is that Walmart is partnering with Google Assistant to introduce voice-controlled shopping as part of the new ‘Walmart Voice Order.’

This comes as a direct head-on again Amazon and its voice-assistant Alexa. The new feature allows users to just add Walmart to Assistant and link their Walmart delivery accounts. And lo, you can just shop on Walmart with voice commands. Exactly what Amazon offers with Alexa.

Voice to shop

The new partnership is quite interesting, considering Walmart left Google’s Express shopping service. It could have done so to focus on its own efforts under its banner rather than Google’s umbrella. The new partnership will simplify your shopping experience with Assistant aiding you to add things to your cart- but it’ll be Walmart to finally process your cart and deliver it.

The new integration is expected to reach more users in the next couple of weeks. So don’t be surprised if “Hey Google” doesn’t work yet!