Walmart is making shopping easier for you this holiday season

walmart makes holiday shopping easier

The long checkout queues are a mainstay in every retail store in the US during the holiday season. But this time the retail giant Walmart is aiming to make the shopping experience seamless by introducing a new checkout feature that would let its customers skip the checkout lines by paying for the items in the product department where they are shopping at.

Starting November 1, the retailer will be placing its associates in the most frequented areas of the stores like the electronic and the garden center which will enable the customers to pay and go by simply swiping their credit card. The buyers will receive a receipt for their purchase.

On top of this, Walmart is also rolling out a new feature in its Walmart app called Store Maps. Through Store Maps, Walmart customers will find it easier to navigate within an outlet to quickly find everything they need from the store. You can open the app while you are at a Walmart store to search for the item you need and the map will show you the exact location of that particular item. The feature will be available for most Walmart stores and will be available in all stores by early November.