Walmart invites Indian sellers to join its American marketplace, targets $10B in annual exports

walmart invites indian sellers to join us marketplace targets 10b in annual exports

American retail giant Walmart has invited select Indian sellers to join Walmart Marketplace, a curated sellers community that serves nearly 120 million U.S. shoppers each month.

The South Asian country is already one of the top sourcing markets for Walmart, and the U.S. retailer has set an ambitious goal it wants to achieve by 2027; exporting $10 billion from India each year.

Walmart, in a statement, said the initiative expands on over 20 years of Walmart’s engagement with its Indian exporters.

Walmart is seeking new sellers from India as a part of a global drive to attract international sellers and expand its marketplace’s product catalog.

The selected Indian sellers will be able to take advantage of Walmart’s Fulfillment Services, which would enable them to use Walmart’s warehousing and delivery infrastructure in the U.S. They will also give them access to tools that help them streamline their operations and manage feedback and promotions, the retail giant added in its statement.

To help the Indian sellers onboard and grow on the platform, Walmart is setting up a dedicated ‘Cross Border Trade Team.’ The initiative will support local sellers to meet applicable international regulations and Walmart’s stringent sourcing standards, develop new products, and enhance their packaging, supply chain management, and marketing capabilities.