Walmart gets four more delivery partners

walmart gets more delivery partners

Walmart has announced that it is partnering with four more delivery companies to help expand its Online Grocery Delivery option. Walmart is adding Point Pickup, AxleHire, Skipcart, and Roadie to its team to make grocery shopping even easier.

Walmart’s Grocery Delivery is now available in more than 800 stores across the country and the company is touted to add 800 more this year. This will help bring shopping “right to the front door of the customers.” Tom Ward, Senior Vice President of Digital Operations, Walmart said: “Customers love our Grocery Delivery service. As they are busy managing jobs, soccer practice, dance lessons and social schedules we are on a mission to do more than keep a little extra money in their pockets”.

Walmart’s push for personal shoppers has played a big part in its larger scheme of delivery service which will ensure that it retains more customers. Each personal shopper undergoes a three-week training on how to select the freshest produce for its Online Grocery customers. This has been ensuring that the best produce is delivered to customers at their doorstep. The service has received a “big thumbs up” from many of its customers and the move to partner with more delivery companies will help it push the envelope.