Walmart and Ford collaborate to test self-driving cars for grocery delivery

walmart ford for grocery delivery

Retail has been changing at a rapid pace in the past two years as giants like Walmart and Amazon compete to capture markets all over the world through their innovation. Recently, Walmart had launched its Grocery Pickup service, where one could simply order online and as he or she pulled up to a parking space, an associate would load the items on the car. Thus, removing the need of browsing the shelves of its outlets while grocery shopping for its busy working-class customers. And now, it intends to make shopping even easier!

In a pilot program, Walmart is collaborating with the famous automaker Ford to explore grocery delivery through self-driving cars. Walmart is currently running the pilot project in Miami-Dade County. In its blog post, Walmart explains “Through it, we aim to learn more about how we can take advantage of self-driving vehicles to deliver fresh groceries – hand-picked by our personal shoppers – to customers.

Self-driving cars may go mainstream real soon and it makes sense for Walmart to explore the space. And retail will look very different in a few years time with constant innovation. Walmart can remain at the forefront of the change by exploring self-driving cars for delivery as the future of retail awaits.