Walmart announces in-store returns and the free shipping offer for holidays

walmart announces improvements for the holidays

Walmart has introduced major improvements to ease the marketplace shopping for its customers. The announcement from the retail giant comes just in time as we get closer to the holiday season.

The company is targeting to “make millions of items available for free two-day shipping.” It is now willing to do this without charging any membership fee for this. The offer that was introduced two years back for millions of items sold by Walmart will now be extended to millions of additional items without any membership fee.

Its second announcement was regarding its in-store return. Walmart is now going to simplify the return process for items purchased from the marketplace sellers. After the introduction of this improvement, customers will be able to drop the item he or she purchased to any of the 4,700 outlets in the U.S. and Walmart will facilitate the return by shipping the item back to the seller. This will make for a great return experience in an otherwise tedious process.

These improvements will be introduced sometime next month before the holidays kick off to make holiday shopping easier.