Retail stores get thumbs up over e-commerce apps

retail stores trusted over ecommerce apps

We believed online retail was the best option over offline retail right? Have we ever thought that offline retail can be of great help during a crisis situation like coronavirus? People who ordered on BigBasket and Grofers had to wait for long for delivery while some orders are yet to be delivered.

LocalCircle conducted a survey across 244 districts according to which, many people were buying essentials from local vendors and retail stores and about 47% of consumers easily were able to get fruits and vegetables on online apps while 17% were able to get some and 17% said they were able to get everything easily at a local retail store. Whereas, only 23% of consumers were able to find fruits and vegetables on e-commerce apps.

Many people were sad that e-commerce apps were not taking orders or canceled it in the last minute. Akshay Gupta, general manager of LocalCircles on why delivery platforms had issues, “The issues around lack of workforce availability due to migration, transporters charging up their prices, lack of clarity with local administrations on curfew passes weighed in on the delivery by e-commerce platforms.”