Rabobank creates a platform for game-changing startups

rabobank foodbytes platform for startups

Rabobank, a global financial leader introduced FoodBytes! Some years back. It is a networking platform wherein innovative entrepreneurs from food tech, agtech background can come over and showcase their technologies and products.

The company revealed that 15 startups are already shortlisted for FoodBytes! San Francisco (SF) 2019. The event will be held on March 28 at Terra Gallery. Participants can win honors in three categories- food and agriculture technology, consumer packaged goods and people’s choice.

Nina Meijers, startup relationship manager for Rabobank’s Food & Agriculture Innovation Team stated, “The Bay Area is at the forefront of sustainable food and agriculture innovation, which is why FoodBytes! launched here in 2015 and why we’re excited to host our 15th edition where it all started.”

Nina added by saying that the entrepreneurs will come up with solutions to real problems pertaining to our food system which includes food wastage by brewing beer using unused breads, battling plastic waste, with cost-comparable plant-based compostable packaging and diversifying protein consumption with ‘clean meat’ and novel alternative proteins.

Some industry participants are mentioned below:

Food Tech

  • SnapDNA (Mountain View, Calif.)
  • PLANETARIANS (Palo Alto, Calif.)
  • Bond Pets (Nederland, Colo.)


  • Osmo Systems (Oakland, Calif.)
  • Hargol FoodTech (Misgav, Israel)
  • Healthy Cow (Toronto, Canada)