You can order from Walmart’s online store while in-store

order walmart online in store

Ever been to shop in retail stores to buy a specific item you need and found out that it’s been sold out? Walmart aims to solve this problem through its new offering.

When you notice the item that you need is missing from Walmart’s shelves, you can ask the associate standing closest to you to place an order for the object of your desire from Walmart’s online store. You can have the order delivered either at the store or at your home address free of cost. You will receive a receipt or an e-mail that you can use later to pay at any register in the store. The shipping process for the item you ordered begins as soon as you step out of the store after checking out.

Walmart on its website says: “One of the best parts of this feature is that you can pay however you want – with a new cash or check option, credit card or Walmart Pay – which makes our entire assortment easier to shop and accessible to everyone.” The new app is the latest among the many apps that have been made available to the associates which will help them serve the retail giant’s customers in a better way.