Microsoft announces new apps to enhance retail experience

microsoft new apps for retail

In the company blog, Alysa Taylor, Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Business Applications & Global Industry wrote that Microsoft is releasing two new applications – Dynamics 365 Commerce and Dynamics Connected Store – to help retail organizations transform the retail experience. 

Dynamics 365 Commerce

The newly launched Dynamics 365 Commerce is a comprehensive application for the e-commerce and e-tail businesses that combines the back office, in-store, call center, and digital experience. The application is a step forward for Dynamics 365 focused on retail. With this application, Microsoft aims to make shopping fun and help the retail employees provide the best customer service possible.

The Dynamics 365 Commerce will provide deep insights to make advanced decision making and personalization. The solution will also deliver a fully connected commerce solution for retailers that are needed “to build brand loyalty, optimize operations and supply chain efficiencies and deliver business outcomes.”

Dynamics Connected Store

Dynamics Store Connected Store is another application from the company which will provide insights into the retail space which will help physical retailers understand and enhance in-store experience through analysis of data from the video cameras and IoT sensors. The application will help provide real-time and predictive insights which help store managers and employees make better decisions.